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Delivering holistic fitness solutions


What Does Your Body Need?

They say, a healthy mind lives in a healthy body! We say, yes absolutely. Our only goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals – be it weight management, medical nutrition treatment, therapeutic diets and more. A holistic approach to your lifestyle is what we guarantee!


The Right Nutrition

Our solutions provide you with assistance on what is the best for your body and what should your nutrition goal be!


A Fit Version of Yourself

We aim at creating holistically fit individuals from every perspective – right from the ideal weight to the ideal nutrition intake.

What We Do And

Why Choose Us

If achieving your fitness goals over a specific period of time with dedicated efforts is what you aim at – Nutritone is the best place to be!

One-stop solution for Foodies!

We understand how important food is in your lives, so we make sure that the diets we prescribe are healthy and tasty at the same time!

Holistic Weight Management Solutions

Our experts prescribe solutions that not only help you manage your weight but also motivate you to become the best version of yourself, physically and mentally.

Your convenience is our priority

Whether it comes to online consultations or it comes to easy-to-follow diets, your convenience is of prime importance to us – we make a fit life easy for you!

Regular Tracking of your Progress

We make you accountable for your body – that’s where fitness begins! Our responsibility ends not just at giving you the right diet, but also making sure that you follow it.

Our Services

We offer end-to-end lifestyle and fitness solutions to help you achieve your health goals!

Weight Loss Diet

One of the prime reasons why people consult a nutritionist – weight loss! And one of the prime reasons why Nutritone is where people must go – Healthy + Yummy weight loss diets!

Obesity & Lifestyle Modification

Obesity, a root cause of many other health problems, is an outcome of today’s sedentary lifestyle and we help you overcome it via lifestyle modifications.

Disease Modification Diet

The root cause of all our diseases lies in our lifestyle and what we consume. Our diets are designed to help you prevent and cure diseases – after all, you are what you eat

Weight Gain

Our weight gain program not only helps you gain weight but also makes sure that you gain it right – with the adequate amount of food required and the right kind of fats.

Sports Nutrition

Just as proper physical techniques should be part of every athlete’s safety routine, maintaining adequate nutrition and hydration is also important.

High Cholesterol Diet Counseling

In order to prevent future problems like blood pressure or seizures, our diets help you to maintain the cholesterol level and bring it under control.

Therapeutic Diets

Diets made for you – exclusively to combat or take care of a particular physical illness or to treat a particular medical condition.

Diabetes Management

If there is anything that can help you control/ prevent diabetes then that is – the right diet plus the right amount of exercise. We charter the best plan for you to help you tackle diabetes

Kids Nutrition

Children have their own unique nutrient needs and meeting those needs is vital for a child to grow up in a healthy manner.

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